Ambleside and Borrowdale Burrow

Two uniquely designed units, the inside space is situated at a lower level than the garden, the two areas are connected via a pipe to promote a "burrow like", natural environment. The gardens are south facing which are paved, a shade tunnel is provided for additional comfort during hot days, this doubles up as a viewing platform for the more inquisitive guest, logs and willow toys are available for entertainment. Access to the garden is unlimited from dawn to dusk. These units are suitable for small to medium rabbits. See below for photographs of the accommodation.

Crinkle Crags and Grasmere 

Two large units with large gardens. The gardens are accessed from the accommodation through a small tunnel providing unlimited access from dawn to dusk. The garden is paved with logs and willow for entertainment, there is a tyre located in the centre of the garden filled with composted bark for digging.

 Crinkle Crags is a multi level unit with the garden located on the ground level and the inside space situated below ground level. 

Grasmere is a single story unit with the added benefit of underfloor heating. These units can accommodate companioned giant breeds or several smaller breeds, if the heating is required there is an additional charge of £1.00 per night.

Langdale Lodge and Wasdale Warren 

Two ground floor units providing easy access to the quietly located gardens. The gardens are accessed through a small tunnel from the inside space, the garden is paved with logs and willow toys for enjoyment.  These units are the perfect retreat for the more mature guests who want to enjoy a leisurely stay. These units have been designed for guinea pigs, however both units can accommodate small to medium rabbits or a number of guinea pigs. Langdale lodge has the added benefit of under floor heating at an additional cost of £1.00 per night.

House Guests

Grasmere, Langdale, Haystacks, Hiltop and Macklemore have been equipped with under floor heating to accommodate house rabbits or guinea pigs. If the under floor heating is required thereis an additional charged of £1.00 per night.