Hi, I am Carolyn known as Caro, married to Tony. We have two school aged children.

We love, care for and enjoy four rabbits and one guinea pig of our own.

Going on holiday has always been a concern, as finding adequate temporary care for our pets proves a challenge. In the summer of 2011, we adopted Dylan and Tiggy, our very much loved Flemish Giants. We soon realised even the largest purpose built rabbit accommodation would (by our standards) be too small. 

During the restructuring of our garden shed to accommodate Dylan and Tiggy, the idea of Carots was formed.

From the very start of my journey with Carots, I had a vision of creating an environment that allows rabbits to express their instinctive behaviours, thus providing a balance between a rabbit's requirement for space and stimulation and their need for safety.  While planning the accommodation, considerations were given to how rabbits live in the wild. As members of the Rabbit Welfare Fund and support their "A hutch is not enough campaign", we moved away from the traditional hutch and separate run accommodation by designing an environment that we consider to be a more natural habitat for our domesticated rabbits. 

Our accommodation is an 18ft x 12ft garden structure situated within our secure garden. The building has been insulated and clad to maintain warmth in the winter and to aid cooler temperatures during the summer months. Small windows have been installed in each unit to keep light to a minimum promoting a darker burrow-like feel to the accommodation.  

Carots' accommodation consists of 9 units of varying sizes depending on requirements. Each unit has an attached garden where our guests have unlimited access from dawn to dusk when they are most active. Our guests can access their inside space at anytime of the day to snooze.

House Rabbits

Five units are equipped with individually controlled underfloor heating.